We welcome applications for positions at all levels and allied disciplines. Currently, we are searching for a Senior Sustainability Director and a Sustainable Architectural Designer.

As PLASES continues to grow, we will be searching for key staff members who can support our client’s projects while advancing the firm’s sustainable design and engineering capacities. In all cases, we are looking for team members with a demonstrated commitment to sustainable design and engineering. Candidates should possess a skill set to work on projects in a design and technical capacity. We also ask that applicants can take on expanded roles within the firm as the firm’s size and project complexity increase. We regularly review applications and respond as best we can. Scroll down to view job descriptions.

While the openings aren’t immediate, interested parties should submit a letter of interest, resume, and portfolio to:

Attention: Paul Lukez
1310 Broadway, Suite 104
Somerville, MA, 02144

You can also email Paul Lukez FAIA LEED AP at plukez@lukez.com.

Senior Sustainability Director

This opening is for someone who can take on a coordinating and leadership role in the firm. Ideally, this person has between 5-15+ years of experience in sustainable design or engineering. A capacity to integrate cross-disciplinary thinking is paramount. We are looking for team members who have a strong knowledge base in the field, demonstrated through past work experience or an applicable degree. Technical expertise and understanding how to apply this perspective to cutting-edge design strategies are essential. Strong digital, computational, and modeling (energy and BIM) are also desired.

This position will also include leadership opportunities, both in leading teams and having opportunities to work with the firm’s leadership and vision. We are looking for someone who recognizes the calling that this moment demands and is willing to work intensively in realizing the firm’s vision over the next 5–10 years. Growth opportunities await the right candidate.

Email: Paul Lukez FAIA LEED AP at plukez@lukez.com.

Sustainable Designer

This new studio is focused exclusively on Sustainable Design projects. We are seeking designers (with 1-5 years experience) possessing strong foundational expertise in sustainable design and a deep commitment to all things sustainable.

The ideal candidate must be able to contribute technical/engineering knowledge to the team, in combination with superior design and digital skills.  The ability to model and simulate a project’s sustainability performance is required, as is a fluid ability to use REVIT. The ideal candidate also brings an entrepreneurial sensibility to this multi-disciplinary position. The opportunities for advancement are available for the right candidate.

Please send a letter of interest, CV, and samples of work (PDF only) to jobs@lukez.com.