Answering the Call

As climate change presents existential challenges to our planet and the global community, we must face our generational responsibilities to those that will follow us, our families, and our communities. The situation demands an immediate call to action.
PLASES, its staff and work, represents our contribution to addressing climate change through inspired design.

Despite tremendous societal advances made in the past, modern society must evolve and transform the way it operates. We must find ways of organizing how we live our lives as individuals and as members of communities, cities, and States if we are to turn over a better world to future generations.

Our Response

Build a new sustainable studio within PLA (Paul Lukez Architecture)

PLA believes so strongly in the need to meet the challenges noted above that we created a specific studio within the firm called PLASES. This studio focuses exclusively on Creating Sustainable Environments.

We love design, and we think that design and designers can have an individual and cumulative impact on meeting the challenges of the environmental crisis.
  • This new studio builds on the firm’s 18 plus years of sustainable design projects.
  • This studio – this website – serves as a resource to anyone interested in innovative sustainable design projects.
  • We will continue to build our portfolio of sustainable projects and a network of like-minded clients and partners.

Welcome to

Paul Lukez Architecture Sustainable Environment Studio

PLASES creates sustainable places.

Our Vision

Combine innovative and sustainable design

PLA sees a silver lining in this environmental crisis. We see society’s opportunity to propel itself into a higher and more evolved form, where more efficient and safer forms of community building can replace outdated models.
  • We see an opportunity to embrace new technologies and ideas about generating renewable energy and shaping our built environment ways that are more efficient and respectful resource consumption.
  • We seek ways to create self-sustaining and regenerative environments, balancing the inputs and outputs of natural and societal systems.
  • We see ways of elevating the quality of the natural and built environment where it can enhance individual and societal well-being.
  • We see ways in which technology and new ideas about sustainability can be integrated into attractive and new forms and spaces – ones that celebrate the dawn of a new era.
  • We believe that we are part of a new historical movement in design, the arts, and technology – not unlike the renaissance or the modernist (Bauhaus) periods where new cross-disciplinary technologies and ideas were integrated into new forms of design and community building.
  • We welcome, embrace, and seek to celebrate through design these transformative historical developments.


Design, Collaborate, Regenerate, Test

Besides engaging in the traditional phases of design projects (from Schematic Design through Construction Administration), we adjust and tailor each project’s design process as needed to meet a particular design challenge.

This can include engaging in pre-design phases such as project programming and research and post-project testing and evaluation stages.

Recognizing that the design field is facing challenges that are difficult to meet within traditional professional boundaries, PLASES welcomes engaging partners from allied engineering fields, builders, fabricators, and others as new out-of-box solutions are sought.

The results are project designs that are environmentally and societal regenerative – they create new forms of self-sustaining environments that contribute to people and their communities’ well-being.

Ultimately, testing performance against project goals can help us evaluate a project’s success while providing valuable lessons for future project enhancements (This service is optional).


While PLASES is Boston based, we are licensed to work in nine states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Wyoming and Massachusetts).

We are also open to collaborating with firms around the country. And finally, the firm has extensive experience working internationally as well.


Will you answer the call?

PLASES and a growing community of clients and partners.

We welcome inquiries from clients who are considering new projects that are sustainable and resilient. We also welcome partnering with engineering firms and builders with a particular interest in sustainable design. And finally, we continue to seek out talented designers, especially those with a strong design/technical background in sustainable design and engineering.

Please refer to our Openings page for more information on applying for a position with PLASES.