Our Vision

We see ways in which new ideas about sustainability and technology can be integrated into attractive and new forms and spaces – ones that celebrate the dawn of a new era. When synergistically integrated,  Sustainability and Design can help restore ecological balances while elevating the human experience.

We have been working on sustainable projects since 1999 and have built a rich portfolio of project types from small to large scale.

Our work has received many awards and recognition in the (inter)national press. View our awards here.

Our talented staff is deeply committed to this vision and working with inspired clients.

We have built a wide network of engineers and consultants as part of our team. Meet our team here.

What We Do

We will work on a range of project types and scales seeking to integrate sustainable design goals and strategies. These include:
  • NZE homes
  • Multi-family Residential projects
  • Deep Energy Retrofits
  • Sustainable Urban Design projects
  • Consulting on a range of project types
  • Coordinating sustainable engineering services
  • Creating project teams